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2nd Annual Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge


24 hour, 48 hour,72 hour, 6 Day & 1000 Mile Challenge

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The Races

The first annual Silverton Multi-Day Runs consists of six different fixed-time races and of course, 'THE BIG GRAND DADDY OF THEM ALL' - The Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge!

Except for the 1000 mile challenge, the object is to travel as far as possible in the time allotted. In the 1000 mile challenge, you must travel at least one mile each and every hour in the time alloted, as well as cover at least 1000 miles.

  1. The 1000 Mile Challenge begins on August 30th and could run until Sept 17th 
  2. The1000 Mile Run begins on August 30th and ends on Sept 17th.
  3. The 6 Day Run begins on August 30th and ends on September 5th
  4. The 72-hour race begins on September 2nd and ends on September 5th.
  5. The 48-hour race begins on September 3rd and ends on September 5th.
  6. The 24-hour race begins on September 4th and ends on September 5th.

    All races start and end at 9:00 AM

All of the races, except for the 1000 Mile Challenge are fixed time events with no possible way of a DNF, unless of course, if you don't finish a single loop.


Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge - Rules: Participants will set up camp near the Kendall Mountain Ski lodge at 9318 feet elevation and wear a timing chip around their ankle.  Runners must cross the timing mat at the base of Kendall Mountain, climb 235 vertical feet around a one mile loop at the base of Kendall Mountain, at least one time each hour.  Participants will endure the elements of the San Juan Mountains around the clock as they fight sleep deprivation, heat, rain, snow, lightning and the accumulated fatigue of traveling at least 55.5 miles per day.  If a participant fails to complete at least one mile on the course in any one hour, they will be disqualified from the challenge but can still continue on in the 1000 mile run. Cutoffs will be implemented.


Completing just one mile per hour for 1000 consecutive hours, it would take 41 days, 16 hours to complete the Silverton 1000.  That would be too easy! We are giving you just 18 days. Assuming it would take 20 minutes on average to complete the one mile loop, one would expect an approximate maximum of 1 hour and 20 minutes of sleep at any one time (by completing a mile at the beginning of hour 1 and the end of hour 2).


The one mile loop is not lit and because of that, a flashlight is mandatory at night

1000 Mile Cutoffs


6 Days - 350 miles

12 Days - 700 miles

18 Days - 1000 miles (anything less will be an unofficial 18 day finish)


The Silverton Challenge will be held at the Kendall Mountain Recreation Center inSilverton, Colorado 

The physical address is:

Kendall Mountain Recreation Area

1 Kendall Place

Silverton, Colorado 81433

The race route is on a 1 mile running trail, around the base of Kendall Mountain that was built at no expense to Silverton, exclusively for this event and for future use of local residents and tourists alike. The trail averages 10 feet in width except for a couple of small wooded areas that cut through the trees, towards the top of the hill. The surface is mostly well-packed crushed rock with some areas that are compacted dirt - ideal for running but gaiters are recommended. Elevation gain for each loop is a little over 235 feet. Mud is not likely, but possible, on the lower areas, if rains are heavy.

Driving to Silverton, Colorado


The Kendall Mountain Recreation area is just a third of a mile from downtown Silverton, which is an excellent place for such an event. We have a grocery and hardware store, a post office, restaurants, hotels, B&B's, the narrow gauge train, and much more.

Heated Tent  is a 60-foot by 100 foot tent (very much similar to what we have at Across The Years) that will be spot heated for the entire race. You can erect your own tent inside, or just lay a mat or sleeping bag on the floor - mats are definitely recommended. There are also other areas next to the trail where you can pitch your personal tent and/or aid station but when doing that, there are some restritions and a very nominal town camping fee.

With the expected number of runners in the various events, space in the heated tent will be limited. Please limit yourself to a single small tent or double up with another runner if possible (if everyone was to bring a 10'x10' tent, which would be much bigger than what we would like to see, there would only be room for about 20 runners.) Your crew may share your tent, of course, but otherwise they should plan to set up their tent outside. The 1000 mile and 6 day runners will have first priority for prime spots.

Note: The big tent is intended for runners to rest during their event, so noise should be kept to a minimum. However, people will be going in and out of the tent at all hours, so, runners should not expect complete quiet. If you require complete quiet, this will not be the place for you to set up your personal space.

Hotels and Restaurants are available along with other accommodations and services. Click here for lodging


24 Hour - $75 before July 1st (add $25 after July 1st)

48 Hour - $125 before July 1st (add $25 after July 1st)

72 Hour - $175 before July 1st (add $25 after July 1st)

6 Day - $295 before July 1st (add $25 after July 1st)

1000 Mile Challenge - The cost for this event will be same as the 6 day event. All 6 day entrants are automatic entrants into the Silverton 1000 but to qualify and continue past the 6 day mark, you must have run at least one mile every hour, up to that point and have run at least 350 miles. After the 6 day point, you must only meet the rest of the cutoffs. Aid will be very minimal after the 6 day point.

Goody Bag: The goody bag will include a technical shirt, gloves, a beanie and other donated goodies.

Note: Once you have been accepted into a race and payment has been made, race fees are non-refundable.

Lap Recording

Your time and distance for each completed lap will be recorded automatically using the AMB i.t. Mylaps timing system. Up-to-date lap totals will be posted hourly on a board inside the main tent, and will be broadcast to the race website as often as possible. Invite your friends to watch your progress online during your run!

Each runner will wear a small transponder chip on a velcro strap around their ankle. No manual lap recording will be done.

Note: When you finish your race, you must return your transponder chip to one of the race personnel in the timing tent! The transponders cost upwards of $110 each, and you are responsible for the cost if you don't return your chip.

Rules and Etiquette

Races begin on your designated day promptly at 9:00 AM. If you arrive late for the start of your race you may still compete, but the time you've missed is lost and cannot be made up.

A pre-race meeting will take place before each event at 8:45 AM. At the 9:00 AM start, you will begin circling the trail clockwise. Thereafter, you will change direction every six hours (at 3:00 PM, 9:00 PM, etc.). Many runners find this helps minimize overuse injuries as weight is shifted a bit differently on the curves. Furthermore, you may feel as though the scenery has changed.

You may leave the trail at any time. The timing system will record your down time, and you don't need to report to race officials. If and when you decide to continue, you must return to the track at the exact same place you left it, and complete the lap you were on when you stepped off the track, in the same direction as you were going, regardless of the direction other runners are moving when you return. This ensures that you are credited with the correct number of laps.

Except for the 1000 Mile Challenge and 1000 Mile Run, there are no DNFs in the other multi-day runs. The objective in the multi-day runs is only to go as far as you can (or desire) in the allotted time. Of course, the more time you spend moving forward on the trail, the more distance you will accumulate.

If you wish to stop completely well before the official end of your race, inform the race director or whoever is in the timing area at the time, that you are quitting or leaving early and remember to turn in your chip!

All of the runs except for the 1000 mile challenge will end at exactly 9:00 AM on September 6th, 2010 (all except for the 1000 Mile Challenge). An awards ceremony will follow an hour after the conclusion of the 24, 48, 72 and 6 day event. This is a free banquet for all runners and crew members.

Some runners use their effort to raise money for charities. The Silverton Challenge donates all of its proceeds to the Silverton Kids Sports Programs, but does not endorse any other particular charity. We do fully support those that are running for other charities and applaud you if you do this with documentation of your run. The race director would like to be aware of charity fund-raising, as it helps with public relations when we get covered by the media. We will also advertise your effort on a Charities page of our Web site.

NO CUTTING THE CURVES. You must STAY OUTSIDE the cones or markers on the curves. The layout of the trail at Kendall Mountain is such that you would have to be pretty devious to cheat. Nonetheless, if you cut the curves you will be disqualified.

It is your responsibility to know the rules. They exist to provide a good experience for all runners. If you are caught cheating you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed at future Silverton running events.

Trail etiquette does not require lone runners to yield the inside lane to runners wanting to pass, regardless of whether the one being passed is running or walking at the time. It is assumed that each participant is there to do his or her best, and has an equal right to pursue personal goals. In a race of this type, it is to be expected that even the best will walk for periods of time, particularly those in the longer races. Always pass others on the outside if they are on the inside lane.

An exception to this policy is the case of two or more persons running or walking together. Persons traveling around the trail in groups should always leave an inside channel open so faster runners do not have to travel far to the outside to get around them.

In all cases, remember to show common courtesy, and that most of us run for the enjoyment and thrill of the experience.


A full aid station will be provided during the first 6 days of the event, as well as breakfast and dinner each day. It is impossible to supply food that caters to individual tastes. If you desire specific types of food and drink, bring them along with your normal race gear. A microwave oven will be available for your use. After 6 days, there will be water and other minimal aid, but, we ask that you try to be somewhat self sufficient.

Food and Beverages Provided (subject to change)

Water, cola, pretzels, oatmeal, tortillas, cheese, sports drinks, M&M's, graham crackers, coffee, potatoes, soup, fresh fruit, peanut butter, cookies, etc.


The Silverton area is blessed with some very unpredictable weather. As the old saying goes - if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes! Daytime temperatures could be anywhere from below freezing to somewhere in the 60's. Nighttime temperatures will most likely be below freezing. This event is not for the faint of heart! You will positively need some warm clothes tights, gloves, hat, jacket, etc. During the evening hours, you will need a light.


There will be different buckle awards for 100 through 300 miles.

If you are the overall  winner in your event, you will also receive a unique award.

You may enter any race to qualify for any buckle offered.

As we have done since 2004, with our Across The Years event, we will continue to present progressive achievement awards to runners who have accumulated 1000 miles, 2000 miles and onward, in the Silverton Challenge.  These awards are given regardless of which event you have competed in, over the accumulated years.

More Information

 The best way to prepare for an event such as The Silverton Challenge is to talk to someone who has done it or other multi-day runs. We recommend you follow the ATY Page on Facebook where you may talk about these types of races among participants both experienced and new. In addition, we have accumulated a treasure trove of stories and pictures from previous ATY events.

We invite you to explore, and if you are an ultrarunner looking for a unique experience, to mark your calendars and make plans to be with us at one of the most beautiful places you'll ever see. If you can't be here to run, then join us during the race for the webcast.

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